Happy birthday, Louise Jameson!

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the wise words of felicia day

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Bisexuality Does Not Exist On A “Spectrum”


The reason that bisexuality doesn’t exist on a spectrum between homosexuality and heterosexuality is because bisexuality is not a combination of the two. Bisexuals are not somehow “half gay” and “half straight”. They are bisexual. The prefix “bi” merely incorporates attraction to “same/similar” and “different” genders, thus giving bisexuality its own meaning. The notion that bisexuality lies between homosexuality and heterosexuality on a “spectrum” or a “sliding scale” must be done away with. This notion stems from the belief that there are only two extremes in sexuality, which isn’t the case. Bisexuality (and sexuality in general) is fluid, but it’s existence should not depend on homosexuality and heterosexuality. Bisexuality can stand on its own, since it is its own identity.

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I Want To See More Realistic Bisexual Representation


I want to hear the word “bisexual” come out of their mouth, not any “I just like people” or “everyone does it in college” bull. I want their bisexuality to be part of them, not some throw away line.

I want to see bisexual character that aren’t just some sexed up joke.

I want to see bisexual characters in same gender and mixed gender relationships.

I want to see bisexual people dating people of all genders, not just cis people (I also want to see more trans and genderqueer characters).

I want to see bisexual characters face biphobic crap head on, not just disappear when it comes up.

I want to see bisexual characters who remain bisexual, and some that change their labels because sexuality is fluid and that’s okay.

I want to see bisexual characters who are not conventionally attractive, cisgender, able bodied white women (and I want to see some that are).

I want bisexual characters who are faithful in relationships.

I want bisexual characters that cheat because that is in their character, and has nothing to do with their sexuality.

I want bisexual main characters, not just disposable sidekicks.

I want diverse, three dimensional bisexual characters who have character development.

Is that too much to ask?

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in an internet search of the content of 6 popular newspapers over the course of ten years, the term homosexuality appeared 5,458 times, while the term bisexuality appeared only 80 times.


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I know he says he’s an Atheist, but after watching some episodes of Cosmos I find myself wondering if Neil Degrass Tyson is actually Pagan.

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My relationship with my followers

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